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Many new videos, so check 'em out guys 1/2/14

Videos: Flat-Tops & side parted with a wave in the front 11/2/13
If you would like to see several great flat-tops being styled with lots of clipping, spraying, and waxing, then here are several great videos shot in traditional barbershops. Also, there are several of guys getting classic men's side parted styles with a slick vave in the front.

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New vintage ads 2/24/13
A few new advertisments for Jeris Hair Tonic, Fitch, and Dapper Dan have been added to the ad slicks collection in the SlickVille Library.

New videos 2/13/13
Go checkout several new videos on "GreaseTube"

Wet look farmer 11/11/12
Customers who visit Farmer Dave's golden retriever kennel and ranch find his hairstyle unique and often ask him about it. Whether they like it or not, it's his choice and passion. This is Dave's every day look and he wears his hair this way everywhere he goes.

Gull's Bench is back 9/25/12
Gullifer invites you to join him on the bench and chat about anything and everything about slicback hair! What is your technique? What styles do you want to try or see others try? Ask Gullifer about what products he uses or whatever is on your mind. Upload pictures of your own slickback. Join gullifer on Yahoo Groups at
If you do not have a Yahoo Grops account, it is free and easy to sign up.

Gullifer at the barbershop 9/15/12
Gullifer found a lady in Conroe, TX that loves to cut and style his hair. Cindy loves the slickback look.

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Several new videos 8/28/12
Here are some how-to videos and some that are just so-hot-to-watch. Some nice traditional high pompodours as well as heavily greased cute boy cuts. One shows how to form a classic ducktail.

A personal collection by Gullifer 8/14/12
Gullifer shot these not intending them for use on the web. Now he wants to share them with the SlickVille community.

More hot new videos 3/17/12
SlickedChannel has added several more to his YouTube Hollywood video collection. And we have a tough slicked back guy from RockabillyRO.

Additions to the video collection 2/18/12
Both the plaintif and the defendant sport a classic side part and wave on Judge Judy. In another video several well slicked guys are featured in an art film by Damien Blottiere Studio.

High gloss shine on the runway 1/21/12
The ultra sheek and gigh gloss shinny hair is what's in at make fashion shows around the world.

Several guys getting styled with Uppercut Pomade 12/30/11
This promotional video for Uppercut Deluxe Pomade shows several guys getting cut and slicked with with traditional parts and wave in the front.

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Into the life of rockabilly 11/25/11
This fan of Rockabilly, country, old rock 'n roll, kustom cars keeps his hair in keeping with the lifestyle. Lots of shine and tightly slicked back.

A slicking video like you never seen before 11/25/11
It's sticky-smoothe, super-slick, and "Puuurrr-fect"! In this YouTube video high fashion hair designer, Matthew Curtis, shows how he creates a super slicked parted and tight to the head look. He describes what he's doing at each step stressing how he achieves that perfect shine line.

Pretty Boy Jake 10/29/11

Chanel is a YouTube user who collects clips from movies featuring actors who's hair shines in the lights. His chanel has more than 120 such videos and we show some of them here and have a link to the rest on YouTube.

Shots of Gullifer never released before 8/02/11

Slick men on the fashion runway 7/29/11
Here are two videos from the collection of nearly 2000 videos by "fashiontvFMEN" from YouTube which feature stylish slicked hairstyles, men's fashions, and hot bodies.

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More from the collection of Greaser Dannyboy 6/16/11
Here is a nice close up of full head of greaser hair and a guy sporting a Mr. Ducktail T-Shirt and a tall beach boy pomp.

Gullifer is still making stills 6/8/11
A hefty application of Lucky Tiger Crew Butch Wax for super hold toped with gell and spray for a super shine! See Album Summer 2011 and Album 2 Summer 2011.

Gullifer's latest video is here. 6/8/11

Video on how to do a pompadour with side part 5/28/11

Greasers Boxing 5/22/11
As these two slug it out, we get to see some really nice thick, heavily greased, and smoothly combed hair.

Gullifer goes video! 5/22/11
In his first video, Gullifer shows us how he does his stuff. In a second video, we see the slickback man comb, stroke, and show off his heavily slicked hair.

Holland barbershop website loaded with great photos 5/18/11
Schorem is a barbershop in Rotterdam and has a website that shows many photos of their clients with pompadours, business cuts with side parts, and very tall stiff flat-tops. They are also featured in our barbershop directory.

Gullifer continues to perfect his style 4/4/11
Gullifer is featured once again a new album of photos in his section on SlickVille.

Big curls 4/4/11
Dutchman likes to try new looks and now he shows us what he can do with curls. Scroll down to the bottem of the page.

Make it wet! 4/2/11
Farmer Dave's every day look is dripping with grease and hair tonic. Customers who visit his Golden Retriever farm find his hairstyles unique and often ask him about it but whether they like it or not, it's his choice and passion.

Fresh from the barber shop 2/7/11
A new listing featuring Pappy's Barbershop contains a few shots of his work and of the vintage shop.

Short and Neat 2/7/11
Mark keeps it rather short and spiky but still manages to keep it slick and shiny.

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